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They find little scope for efflorescence and utilization of their extraordinary abilities in their homelands. Unemployment breeds rebelliousness, anti-social sentiments, frustration and lack of confidence. There is a great frustration among our educated unemployed youth.

They have their requisite qualification but face difficulty getting suitable jobs. Owing to their utter disappointment, these educated youth are lured to various crimes including car snatching and kidnapping children for ransom. These young people could be easily exploited by any political adventurer, to break the present social order.

They pose a threat not only to law and order, but also to the security, stability and safety of the society and the state. They unfurl the flag of revolution and have revulsion to book-shed and violence. They pose a potential danger to the solidarity and integrity of the country.

The advanced countries like America, Japan, France, England and Germany give unemployment dole to keep the unemployed away from entering into the arena of anti-social activities but for poor countries, such a dole would mean bankruptcy. That is why, the unemployed are on the road. The only course open to them for earning their livelihood is crime, political adventurism, theft, robbery and fraud.

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