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Unemployment means lack of employment, inability to find work for which one is suited by nature or attainments. If all persons in a nation were usefully employed everyone would enjoy sufficient competence. Unemployment is a problem that exists more or less in every country. The percentage of unemployment varies according to the industrial and economic development depends mainly upon its economic development. Its solution is the responsibility of every state. Available human energies and activities require to be directed intouseful channels for nation’s prosperity.

In Pakistan this problem is more acute than in western countries. An infinitesimal portion of the population is educated. Most of Pakistani’s inhabitants are agriculturists. Owing to untrustworthy seasonal rains, abnormal taxes and most of the cultivable land being in the hands of relentless Zamindars, who never care to help the agriculturists, the masses live in a state of chronic economic depression. Here society is acquisitive rather than functional. Exploitation is rampant. The laborers are poorly paid and are bled white to serve the few rich capitalists who render no service. They are sleeping partners but enjoy a lion’s share of the profits. 

Pakistan has not advanced industrially. The industries must expand if the question of unemployment is to be solved effectively. During the last war there was not much unemployment. War provided some impetus for the development of industries. Chemical manufactures advanced only during war. Previously chemical products used to be imported in Pakistan. Ship building, aero plane manufacture and cycle manufacture came into existence. At best all these industries may be said to be in their infancy now. From the experience of war the Pakistani public has recognized the value of technical education.

But the unemployment problem has again raised its head. There is a lot of planning going on without any practical work so far. Immediate prospects of finding gainful employment have receded due to large influx of refugees. “All professions are over crowned. A graduate is not welcomed in the offices or schools. There is no scope absolutely in the medical profession. It is very difficult for a young doctor to make his name in the midst of so many medical practitioners more experienced and in some cases, better qualified than he is. The bar offers no scope. Lawyers are as plentiful as blackberries and there is no chance for a beginner. Engineering too holds out no hope. Business is very risky”. This is the gloomy pictures of our lot drawn by an expert hand and the uprooted refugees have the first preference.    


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