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Problem of unemployment is gripped the world. Even the developed countries claimed that there is full employment but the position is not really so because some of the people are unemployed or have not been placed on the job of their own choice.

In many countries there are large numbers of people who do not get any employment at all. We Pakistani are crying on the issue that there is unemployment in the country. We are blaming to the country that our country is failed to provide employment to all citizens.

The nation is facing the serious economic problems. The government is unable to provide employment to every citizen because of the income resources and the government is failed to control the expenditure of the state.

People give the examples of western advanced countries. Poor people do not know that those advanced countries pay heavy taxes. A major part of their income goes in taxes. In Pakistan we do not pay taxes but we demand for facilities which are quiet contrary to the laws of the nation. If you gave input you get the output as well.

So it is concluded that unemployment is created due to poor standards of living in a particular society.

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