Unemployment, its causes and solution

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Hello guys! Welcome back. I think a lot to get some topic for writing and then suddenly un-employment stuck to my mind. As it’s one of the major issues worldwide. In this post, I m going to put light on unemployment in detail. It wills also emphases on the causes that lead to unemployment. Besides that, the solutions will also be discussed that can help to drop unemployment.


What is Unemployment?


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Let’s see how Wikipedia define unemployment:

"The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force. During periods of recession, an economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate."

Source: wikipedia

A person is said to be unemployed if he/she is willing to do work but don’t find job opportunities. It means you don’t have any source of income. A person has its own expenditures and other responsibilities too. But don't have any source to fulfill all these. A person tries continuously for getting some job but somehow he failed to get the job. He applies at different places but due to some of the reasons he gets rejected. Sometimes the work doesn’t suit him or sometimes he didn’t stand on the requirements of vacancy.


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This state when he is not been able to take himself or his family, the things get wrong. He and his family both get affected. Many people are seemed to be jobless nowadays. The increasing number of jobless peoples is making the condition of country poor. Many different problems like poverty are grown up due to unemployment. Besides that, the crime rate also gets increased due to unemployment.

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***Causes of Unemployment***

There are many causes that lead to unemployment. These causes destroy a country economy badly. Some of the major causes of unemployment that we often observe are:

* Lack of job opportunities


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The most basic issue that is spreading unemployment is lack of job opportunities. Many students or qualified members are there in the society who need a job. But the number of jobs or seats is limited. This cause a very few people to get the job and all others remain jobless. The government offers few vacancies due to which a large number of people face rejection. Experienced and aged members are preferred while new and fresh degree holders are rejected.


* Population growth


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A rapid growth in population can cause severe damage to a country economy. Increasing number of people while resources are still limited can cause a disturbance. The need for food, facilities, jobs, money etc. increases with the number of population. Fast growth in population is causing unemployment worldwide. The greater the population the smaller the opportunities.

 "The "population growth rate" is the rate at which the number of individuals in a population increases in a given time period, expressed as a fraction of the initial population."

Source: wikipedia


* Lack of education

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One reason for unemployment is lack of education. As it’s the era of technology and science, a non-educated person will find difficulty in surviving in that environment. New and advance knowledge is the demand of today’s society. Most of the people are uneducated in our surrounding who did not find their relative job. An uneducated person is useless for the society. Because without education nothing is going to happen. Our society did not pay heed to higher education that leads to unemployment.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

(Nelson Mandela)


* Lack of technical skills

Technical skills are important nowadays. But the education system we follow is based on cramming and reading. We did not offer practical work to students. There are no proper platforms for providing technical skills to the young generation. Without skills, these students are worthless for the industry. Taking degree is not enough rather learning new and advanced technology is necessary.


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***Solutions of unemployment***

Unemployment is a major problem worldwide. But it can be resolved through different aspects. Unemployment can be eliminated or reduced by following techniques:

* By education


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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

(Malcolm X)

As lack of education is causing unemployment, an excess of education can reduce unemployment. Education is the only thing that can lead a destroyed nation towards the achievement. Educating our society can increases opportunities globally for us. Education gives strength to a person so that he can fight for a better future. Education opens new modes in which you can make your prospect. In this way, unemployment gets decreased.


* By providing technical and vocational skills

Unemployment can reduce by providing young generation with technical and vocational skills. When education gives practical approach beside reading then it proves beneficial for beginners. New and fresh talent will be preferred when they have potential and skills. This happens only when technical knowledge is provided to the student.


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* By creating job opportunities

Job opportunities must be provided in a vast amount. Jobs should not only give to the sharp students. But also there must be some vacancies for the average students. So, that everyone would get some work. New seats are offered each year for the beginners. Compensating all the members is necessary for removing unemployment.


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* Communication must be improved for available job opportunities


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The problem our youngsters often face is they don’t even know where to go, what to do, which field is for them etc. are common. These problems can be minimized when communication between members and experts increases. There should be free communication between the applicant and the owner. The person must get knowledge about the type of job that is suitable for him. He must understand the job first and then apply for the one that is best.


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That’s all I can write about unemployment. It’s one of the greatest issues globally. Hope so, if we follow the instructions I mentioned, it can make better. Thank you so much for reading this. Stay tuned for the further post. See you soon.

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