Unhappiness IS A CHOICE!

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Happy people are not people with a particular set of circumstances, but rather with a certain set of attitudes. Too many believe that happiness is a condition. When things are going well and are happy; When things go wrong are sad. Some people have "target disorder"; I think I can find happiness in a social position or place. Others have "one disease"; I think happiness comes from the fact of knowing or being with a person. Michelangelo father often repeated to me when I was a child: "God chooses who live events. We can choose how to live."
That's the only thing we can take away is how we choose to react to what happens. Last freedom of each individual is to choose their own attitude in any circumstance: every time we make a choice we converted part of us that choose something a little different to what it was before. And if we look at our lives as a whole, with all its countless options, we are transforming this part that chooses or heavenly creature or into a hellish creature. DO NOT BELIEVE?

In May 1994 Phlidalphia ran a 50 mile race. A friend who lived in a wheelchair for 20 years asked to accompany him. On the road way and I had time to talk at length. These are his words: "Life is full of surprises, and fine-tuning our attitude is a project that lasts a lifetime regardless of our physical condition. I can not allow my destiny is determined by a lagnoso mood or high expectations, which can not meet. I never stopped working my way of thinking, only I am responsible for my attitude, I never allowed my thoughts to retire because my attitude, our attitude will not work automatically. We are free to believe that nothing in our attitude and others read on our face. Thanks to my "disgrace" I found that unhappiness experiment "is a choice!"

The last mile asked me to leave it alone, was accompanied by his wife and cut the finish line together ... sing!

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