United Nation’s Security Council

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United Nation’s Security Council

Among the all councils inside united nation the main council is security council which works on behalf of United nation that its obligation is to call up on parties to sit their dispute by peaceful mean or to seek a solution by a peaceful mean of their own choice, or the security council provides different ways to them that include negotiation, resort, arrangements or any other peaceful mean

Issuance of recommendation: that can be in two ways that Security Council may recommend on procedure, method or way to dispute in peaceful mean if this didn’t worked so the council should consider any procedure for the settlement of the dispute in several ways like orders to their troops cease fire to calm the situation that can be in 2 ways.

The measures of Security Council can be military and non military 

Non military: in order to bring sufficient pressure on state that war is going on, which includes economic relations like rail, sea, air, land, postal

Military: the SC council may take action by sea air land forces to maintain peace that this type may applied according to circumstances

One hand: all the UN members under take to make available decision like armed forces facilities, assistance, Rite of passage

Other hand: military staff comity to advise and assist the Security Council on all questions like regulation of armament and disarmament

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