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Predict? No, this life? NO WAY!

Life is unpredictable, just like a thunderstorm

You live through it, and see how it transforms

You look here and there, in search of answers

however, you are always harrassed by the harrassers

isnt it unpredictable, to know what is going to happen next?

what if the ship your in, uncertainly wrecks?

What if you're driving on a highway,

and unfortunately, it becomes a sky way!

What if you're walking beside a road,

And a car eventually hits you while you bestrode!

So life is not what it seems,

It is eventually controlled by the supremes

Once you do a mistake, its unfixable,

so now you see, how life is so unpredictable!

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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Hello! Writing blogs is what I do,
Everyone's good is what I proove
So do not feel left out
For you are special, as its my point of view!

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