'Untouchables' for 1 year

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It's already been a year since one of my best hooks teamed up with 2 powerful verses by Nigerian (but Valencia-based) rapper Weezsims to create synergies in form of a song.

One year since this song teamed up with film production company Dojo Producciones to create an audiovisual work shot in just one day (7-8 hours actually) on the street, on a flat roof and at the restaurant 'La Toscana'.

365 days since a well-done job was shown to a captivated audience that watched it 3,874 times until today.

Our planet made a complete turn around the sun since 'Untouchable' videoclip was released.

Please understand that I'm giving props to this work, because I really feel that the hardwork of many people made it happen. It's amazing how a piece of paper and a pen can turn into something like this:

Pablo Lozano "StelioN"


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