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November is around the corner and we are getting closer and closer to Election days... Not being eligible to vote in the US, at least not yet, I just entertain myself in watching the campaigns and to see people reactions to one or another speech... And of course I like to talk with people and friends and get their opinion. Is interesting to see how people is easily influenced by one single matter at the time and often they fail to see the big picture...

I have my wish list, which includes, among others, (1) the opportunity to obtain the green card after living legally, working legally and paying taxes for the past 10 years, (2) equality of rights which will allow me to marry whoever I want, (3) health care system aligned to the standards of the rest of the civilized world, (4) better scale system for taxpayers, and few more...

I'm trying to be apolitical, although I don't sympathize very much with many of the Republican points of views... maybe I'm just influenced by the right wing in my Country, which after 15 years of bad and unconsidered leadership, they (actually "he") got Italy - together with Italians, middle class down, on its knees.

Am I right or wrong? For sure I am very confused.



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