[UPDATE #02] My Experience with Humanatic Call Reviewing

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This is a continuation of my previous post "My Experience with Humanatic Call Reviewing".


• Requested 10th PAYOUT $2.33, 01-Aug-2016, 4:02 pm. Received $2.28, 02-Aug-2016, 5:10 a.m. (less than 24 hours).

• Requested 11th PAYOUT $9.25, 08-Aug-2016, 5:23 pm. Received $9.07, 09-Aug-2016, 5:32 a.m.

• Requested 12th PAYOUT $6.70, 15-Aug-2016, 6:46 pm. Received $6.47, 16-Aug-2016, 4:43 a.m.

I reached LEVEL 17 14-Aug-2016 and finished reviewing 1,550 calls in four (4) days. At higher level, you become more adept and faster as compared when you were at levels 1-4. That's because you encounter several UNLOCKED CATEGORIES. It's actually going thru a learning curve.

Level 16 -- 1,380 calls
Level 17 -- 1,550 calls
Level 18 -- 1,730 calls
Level 19 -- 1,920 calls
Level 20 -- 2,120 calls

I have access to "Call Summary" categories with up to $0.27 payout per call since weeks past. I didn't dare try to access because I know my iPhone has limited capabilities. An iPhone needs to cool down after using it for quite a while. It is even near impossible for me to continually play audio on my iPhone unlike if I was using a desktop computer. 

I find it easy to summarize calls having worked as an Executive Assistant in an AVIATION company many moons ago. Even at that, I do have my limitations. Sometimes I encounter medical related calls. Geeez! 

How can you expect me to spell medical terminology that come my way? Not only that, there are some instances where I find even non medical terms difficult to comprehend and spell. I find difficulty in spelling or transcribing unfamilar foreign names and places.

How would you like to spell a Thai or Chinese name for example?

The English Language in Different Accents

I review a lot of calls emanating from the USA. Being a country of diversed races and cultures, I usually hear calls from Vietnamese, ThaiIndian, French, German, BritishMiddle Eastern, Filipino and other nationalities just to name a few. I really don't find it hard coping with foreign accents.

During my stint in the Aviation Industry, I extensively communicated with foreign suppliers, customers and visitors of different nationalities. However, I must confess that there are still a few foreign accents I find difficult to comprehend. Such is the case of Scottish or Gaelic, Irish, Mainland Chinese and a bit of Australian.

Yes, I do remember when I first started to work as a secretary, I had an Australian boss. One morning, he asked to bring him "t'oi paypah". I guessed he wanted our pending office documents or papers. So, I promptly put them on his table. He said, "No, I need t'oi paypah" pointing to his aching stomach and to the comfort room.

Mind you, he was getting frantic and his face was turning pale and contorted. Oh my gosh! Now I knew he meant TOILET PAPER! I ordered our utility girl rush a roll of toilet paper to him. Had I lingered on for more than a minute, perhaps I could have been fired on the spot. What a stinking way to be fired! LOL! Watch the video of The English Language in 67 Accents above.

• Requested 13th PAYOUT $31.45, 22-Aug-2016, 3:56 pm. Received $30.82, 23-Aug-2016, 6:24 a.m.

Wow! This week was my lucky week. This is the first time I earned a payout of $30 plus. This was the hard earned fruit of my labor for reviewing calls from 10:00 p.m. to mid-night and from dawn to 12:00 noon everyday. Because of the international time zone difference, it is best to review calls from 10:00 p.m. onwards to morning here in the Philippines. There are lots of available calls I can work on. At first, I was quite hesitant to continue reviewing calls just using an iPhone (you can check out my UPDATE #01).

Honestly, working regularly in the wee hours of the evening can get me physically tired and my eyes strained. But when I found out that my hard work is always amply rewarded and paid ON TIME, that incentive further strengthened my resolve to take on the challenge to review calls again.

Aside from the numerous categories unlocked for me, I also do receive frequent bonuses for fast and correctly marked audited calls.

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.

~ Satchel Paige

Yes, after receiving consecutive payments without delay, I knew this online job was worth it. In fact, I do not dispute penalized calls anymore. There are times I don't get anything at all. However, despite those times, I still continue on working as if I don't need money. LOL!

This is how I win BONUS money for  working fast and accurately:

(1) For Appointment bookings: 

I give it a few seconds listening to the conversation intro, then I'd click the audio bar. Another few seconds before the conversation ends. I'd know how to handle that call. As an agent handling appointment requests, we should always confirm appointment details before hanging up the phone i.e. "Alright Ms. Smith, see you on Monday between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Have a great weekend!"

(2) For Business Opportunities category: 

I also listen for few seconds at the start of a conversation. With that, I can determine purpose of the call. In some instances, callers only inquire on products/services. Others would go farther by requesting for an appointment with a seller or service provider. I see these calls as a business opportunity.

However, if the caller is on a complaining or dissatisfied mode, that I would really find it hard to mark. Would I mark the call as a routine general conversation? Or, is it an appointment kind of call that should be arranged for the belligerent caller?

I reached LEVEL 19 24-Aug-2016 but lost some categories again.

Don't be addicted to money. Work to learn.
Don't work for money. Work for knowledge.

~ Robert Kiyosaki

Actually, money is secondary for me. It's the challenge of achieving HIGHEST LEVEL the soonest I can. That would make me feel a better person and an achiever. That's why I am not bothered by penalties at all. I am not also afraid to lose categories. For me, I take it as part of learning so I can farther hone my skills to reach my goal.

If only there was a "SKIP" default feature, I can avoid mistakes and achieve faster and more accurate results. Perhaps when I reach the highest level, I will no longer need a "Multiplier" power up. I hope I can gain more gems so I could purchase a "Skip" power up.

Let's see!

I am currently using the NEW REVIEW PAGE. The audio works better on the said page. At first, I thought it won't work on my iPhone because I could not find the submit button. But clicking on, I found an arrow that only show up after marking the call (please refer to image above). I am very glad Humanatic launched this feature.

If you read my UPDATE #01, I emailed Humanatic Support because of some misunderstanding between mediators and myself. I was even called "horrible" by one mediator while I was disputing penalized calls. Actually, it was an audio problem.

Well, I am that kind of person who perseveres unless of course I really made a mistake. Then, I will admit and stand corrected. We all make mistakes, right? I don't know if that mediator who called me horrible realized what he/she did to me.

Smart Aleck Remarks Are Not Funny

That's a fact of life in every work environment. You will meet people who are kind of "know-it-all" by nature. At least I met mine online. Since I don't know that mediator from Adam, I easily moved on. I learn my lessons well. I no longer dispute calls so my day isn't spoiled by some Smart Aleck! Since then, I just do my work the best way I can and accept whatever results I achieve.

In gist, working with Humanatic (HUMFUN) has been a worthwhile and rewarding job for me. I earn while working at home. I know I had an unpleasant experience with a Humanatic mediator at one time, but that's "water under the bridge" by now. It's just part of the learning curve for me. I had moved on and now I know how I can improve on my review calls.

In fact, I am even more challenged to reach the highest level rating there is. Working for money is only a secondary consideration for me. I'ts proving to myself that I CAN DO IT! And... I can do it better than the rest!


[UPDATED: 25-Aug-2016]


***Images are my iPhone screenshots edited with Phonto App***