USAID helps Afghan Girls in Education and Economy to be empowered

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Today I read an article about USAID's recent activity on training and supporting small private sectors by means of Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP). The purpose of this program is to give grants to providers of business, technical and vocational education. The grantees are required to create bespoke courses for workers in line with the needs articulated by their private sector employers.

The story is about a 22 year old  Afghan girl "Zoya Hemat"  who is a client assistant at a private bank in Kabul. Working in a bank and dealing with many customers who have many questions is difficult specially for girls to communicate  with men in a traditional society.

Women can play a key role for the development of a society. Right now in many parts of the world women are taking decision by themselves about their future, education, job and any other plans. For a developing country like Afghanistan that experienced many conflicts and destruction and it leads to financial crisis, entrepreneurship can be a good solution for women to create job for other women and being more supportive. However it is sometimes challenging for women in Afghanistan to make a balance between their work and family because traditions and customs in Afghanistan are strongly connected with people's life.

The fact is that now many doors are opened for women to start their businesses faster and more efficient and this is the result of social and digital media's impact.

If we look at the educational procedures in Afghanistan compare to decades ago, it has a significant improvement specially in case of accessing new technology which is Internet and digital media, although these improvements are related to universities in big cities but it had a huge impact on the learning process of students.

How about those women that beside being a student in the university they are mother of children and have to take care of home also, new technology gives this opportunity for women to start following up their work at home accessing the most usable technology "Internet ".

However we have creative and  supportive ideas where they provide safe and secure environment for women to spend time together and share their ideas like First Women's Internet Cafe in Kabul.

Women are the main role players in each society, ignoring them and not giving them the chance to be active  will never end up with the good result.


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