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Target Thinking is very addictive!

Last week, we visited USAID to film two important and inspirational interviews. The first was with Ms. Maura O'Neil, Chief Innovation Officer, and the second with Ms. Priya Jaisinghani, Director of Mobile Solutions. During both interviews, I kept seeing important references to Target Concepts that linked back to the vision of Target Thinking and Target Marketing. Film Annex's editing team is working on the interviews to post them live and broadcast them to Film Annex's 50 million monthly viewers, especially the 5 million interested and involved in the Afghan Development Project and Women's Annex platform.

Let me explain what USAID is first of all: United States Agency for International Development.

The keyword here is “international development.” Their motto is “from the American people.” Taking in consideration USAID's broad reach and range of activities, there is a potential to identify a very large number of important long tail keywords like:

civilian foreign aid administration

foreign policy guidance of the Secretary of State

economic, development and humanitarian assistance


During our visit to the offices of Priya Jaisinghani, I saw a very broad use of keywords associated to their work for Mobile Solutions, in particular a board with a list of possibly 300 different terms associated to very specific projects and IDEAS. Did I just say IDEAs? Then, check out the IDEA department at USAid, Innovation and Development Alliances (IDEA).

From there, you can enter the World of Target Thinking and Long Tail Keywords:

For example, here are some meaningful keywords on the first page:







Development impact

High-impact development

The above keywords are short tail keywords and very generic, so it would be very hard to rank high on a search of those keywords. If targeted correctly, they would assure immediate success. For example, instead of “Development Impact,” we should explore the concept of “not incremental development impact.” We call this Target Thinking!

With this same Target Thinking Strategy, we defined our goal of “Building Schools in Afghanistan,” instead of a more generic term “Afghanistan Education.” This allowed Film Annex to establish its leadership in a relative short time and position 8 videos out of 10 on the first page of a video search, and one or two results on the generic Google search.



Now, go back to the IDEA website. Click on the links to:

Idea Divisions

Development Innovation Ventures

and enjoy the incredible range of Target Ideas, Keywords and Marketing potential of this organization.

Scroll down and look at the Mobile Solutions page. From there, open a further targeted range of ideas, keywords and marketing potential for this specific department and organization. This brings back to the 300 keywords board at the USAID office.

What strikes me is the importance of the subjects, and the incredible variety of content and concepts to target. The only thing that is missing is the online real-estate associated to each target. In fact, the three hundred keywords I am referring to could and “should” be translated in the local languages of the beneficiaries of those programs. This would assure the first page of results and an incredible online real-estate for each one of the keywords and their combinations in a variety of locations including Afghanistan and the rest of Central and South Asia.


Go online and Google “sharing on social media” in Farsi and see who is in the first page of this search:

Ideally, I would like to go back to that magic board with Priya Jaisinghani and her team of experts. We would define the first 5 keywords, develop a full Target Thinking and Marketing strategy and start positioning USAID as a though leader on the subjects listed, along with acquiring valuable Internet real-estate in English, Farsi, Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Bangla, and any other language whose citizens can benefit from USAID's work and IDEA's.


From my prospective, especially after listening to Maura O'Neil's and Priya Jaisinghani's conversations and interviews with Fereshteh Forough, USAID and its team of experts are the most valuable organization to provide development and eliminate forms of terror and discrimination. Military action has an incredible cost in lives and resources. Great IDEA's provide peaceful solutions and are sustainable as long as beneficiaries are educated to access them.


Now start having some fun and Google: Building Schools in Afghanistan in Farsi.

or in Urdu, we are above Wikipedia:


Locate Film Annex domain... Shouldn't USAID have that ranking, especially for the magic 300 keywords that matter to innovation?



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