Uses And Abuses Of Mobile Phone

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            Mobile phones are a wonderful invention in the field of information technology. All sections of people all over the world use this facility. It plays an important role in life today. It has certain uses and abuses

                  It is an easy and fast means of communications. It is easily available at anytime, anywhere. It works wonders during emergencies. Business men do not deal on a single call. Recently mobile phone banking has become very popular among the messes. Mobile phones are an easy means in transferring data, photos, videos and other such useful things. They are easily connected to internet. It works as a watch, calculators, radio, camera, calendar, music player and a little computer. It also provides a good recreation.

                 It is widely used in crimes. The criminals use it for their own purpose. Sometime, its use cause a great disturbance especially during saying prayers, class rooms and study hours. Mobile phone with camera may cause privacy issues. Its radiation is very dangerous for health. It may cause headache, earache and blurred vision. It is nowadays widely used in teasing people particularly girls. It sometime creates lack of studies among the students. Its noise causes noise pollution. Mobile phone is one of the most useful devices of modern era. If used wisely, carefully, ethically and efficiently, it can prove to be very useful.

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