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Besides religion, has anyone had a reason why you heard that you can't vaccinated your child because it can give an allergy or autism? If so, then you need to see more of this. It's really not true. Vaccines are the reason why kids and adults are not getting sick, but, there are believers who won't do the proper research and also believes in quacks who don't have little to no proof of their findings. There is a quack out there who lives in California, who is a chiropractor, who made these false lies that really hurt my feelings, because he made a former wrestler/Go Daddy Girl, Candice Michelle, into the bullshit that this quack made by saying that a kid can get measles from a measles vaccine. In fact that's a 100% bullshit lie. I was young kid and I was giving the measles vaccine and I did not get sick. In fact, this quack should have his chiropractor licence pulled and also be blackballed in the science field and health ever again for making Candice Michelle to believe that kind of bullshit. 

If you really want to know about these truths, first, search for Autism Speaks. They have put a press release about endless lie that is dead once and for all. Then, go to your local doctor and ask about the vaccines that could make you allergic. I am sure they would say that they won't and if you don't believe, ask for the list of what is in it. But, I am sure, that won't make anyone sick.

Even though, I am a blogger, I have experience about it. 


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