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   Vegetables  are God gifted food Pakistan earth is most precious earth and it has many God gifted qualities every thing can be grown in this earth if we are sincere with our occupation then we Pakistani people will be flourish in the whole world know a day the most of the people of Pakistan are always away from agriculture.

                                                                                           In the summer season the vegetables crops of the Pakistan are on the top of the list our elders are well known from the advantages of the vegetables they gain the advantage from vegetables from the vegetables the cholesterol level in the blood maintain and it is  seen that those who eat vegetables they are less effected by the heart problem as compare to that those eat meat and milk product                                                                                                     From the scientific research we come to know that the most diseases are for away from eating vegetables.vegetables are also helpful in the face wash the vegetables are also favore for the girls from this there face will be glowing and there weight will be loose from the vegetables and looks smart.                                                                                                                                     vegetables has great role in the life of common man therefore we should use these vegetables and always away from dangerous diseases.  .           

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