Verses of the Holy Quran and meanings Part One

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Verses of the Holy Quran and their meanings

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I’m here today again and as I wrote in my previous blog which was about the Holy Quran and you may have read it.

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Dear friends, the holy book Quran contains thousands of information and solution to our problems and deeds and we can find amazing answers and hundreds of benefits through it.

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I was thinking to write the blog to tell you verses which can make your life happy and healthier.

And catch the rope of Allah. Don't fight and live peacefully:


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The above verse contains very useful information and a great lesson in fact. Here are the meanings of this verse.

“And you all are advised to catch the rope of Allah strictly and live together and don’t fight with each other”.


The above verse tells us clearly that we all must be closer to Allah and we must obey his orders to find the right path. The success can be taken only by obeying his orders and to find the right path we must complete the duties and activities mentioned by Almighty Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
The meanings of catching his rope stand for obeying orders and duties and we have to answer about our activities on the judgment day. On that day we will be gathered on a ground and our all deeds and works will be shown to us.


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This verse also tells us to live in peace with each other. The holy Quran says us to live peacefully and to live with calm and love. It means that we should never fight with anyone. This verse also tells us to live happily and never talk falsely about others. This lesson is also told us in schools and educational institutes that we should love with other people and I think every religion insists on this lesson. So if we fight and don’t live peacefully then our society and country will face difficulties and problems. Crimes and social problems will increase and in the result, our life will be in trouble.


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Call upon me and I will be with you and will answer you.


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The holy verse of Quran tells us a simple but real state of Allah. Allah says in this verse that whenever you will call me, I will be there for you and will respond you. We as being a Muslim believe that Almighty Allah is everywhere and he can listen and see us while doing every act. We cannot hide our self from Allah. We should do every activity while keeping in mind that Allah is looking us. Alright, Allah tells us in this verse that he will be with us when we do activities and our work by saying his name first. He will help us in our matters and will solve our problems and issues. We can get success by the grace of almighty Allah and Allah will help us.

And Almighty Allah will forgive them and will not punish them if they want forgiveness.


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This verse is very beautiful and tells us the meanings of love and kindness of Allah. This verse tells us that Allah will forgive our sins and bad acts if we want his forgiveness. Almighty Allah will forgive those people who want success and who bow their heads to Allah. Allah is very merciful and he loves his mankind 70 times more than a mother. You can imagine because you know how a mother loves his children. So as we know that Allah loves his mankind 70 times more, how will he want to punish us and how he will through us in the fire of Hell. So Allah declares clearly that if you want success and my forgiveness then come to me and I will forgive your sins and will reward you in heaven.

So remember me, I will remember you and will help you.


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In this holy verse of Quran, Allah says that if you remember him, he will also remember you and will never leave you at any stage of your life. This verse means that we should remember Allah in our all deeds of life and we should complete our every act with the holy consent of Allah. We should also start our every work by saying Bismillah. Bismillah is the holy verse in which we mention Allah and declare that he is merciful. So we should complete our duties and deeds but remember Allah first. And Allah will also remember us and our deeds will be successful. 

And Allah’s blessings are always with me wherever I am:


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In this verse, we can find that Allah’s blessings are always keeping us secure and safe. We as being a human have many blessings of Allah and his blessings are covering us in our whole life. For example, we breathe with oxygen and without oxygen we cannot breathe at all; oxygen is the blessings of Allah. We eat food by the blessings of Almighty Allah and every creature and everything in this world is the blessings of Allah. Allah’s blessings have no bounds.

He knows everything which is in the earth and heaven and He knows everything that you show and hide.


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The above verse of Holy Quran tells us that Almighty Allah knows everything which is located either in this earth or in the heaven and he also knows our minds and what we think and everything that we hide from other and Allah. Allah has knowledge about the entire world and he created everything so he knows clearly about all the things, creatures and every spot of heaven and earth. We cannot hide anything or any act from Allah. He is looking us every time and he monitors our all activities.

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Dear friends, we should clearly remember that holy Quran has all sorts of solutions and information and we can take help from this holy book to solve our routine issues and problems. We should read it to get help.

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