Veto of Syria Resolution Portends Seismic Shifts?

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What are consequences and next? For now a brief summary which we will elaborate upon what may be implications beyond Syria. ---Strategically/tactically Arab League would be best served to go to UN General Assembly and seek “suspension” of Syria – there is precedent of Milosevic’s Belgrade/Yugoslavia in 1992 (when Bosnia led effort at UNGA) and Apartheid South Africa before then. ---Arab League looks stronger/more credible then ever – it holds firm, for now. ---BRICS politically sense of common purpose badly damaged. India, South Africa voted for as Russia and China vetoed. Brazil also would have voted in favor. BRICS was becoming a block to counter US and EU, but no longer… ---Moscow is most damaged. It has lost credibility in Arab World & offended Arab League in supporting regime of Assad, “Deposed President Walking.” ---Moscow’s FM Sergey Lavrov is hoping to position himself as mediator but his stubbornness will embarrass him when he shows up in Damascus early next week and only Syrian regime welcomes him – like being welcomed to death camp by commandant. ---Syrian people will see more violence and are big losers – insurgency only likely to pick up. Arab countries, Turkey and through them Syria opposition will increasingly receive more than rhetorical support. Vetoed resolution had specifically excluded military intervention and called for arms embargo, but all bets are off now! ---Syria will reappear before UNSC in few days/weeks, but both Moscow and Assad regime will be in weaker position. Read: “Who is Russia’s Sergey Lavrov as Syria Vote Presses” - Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey - FOLLOW mo @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook-Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect”

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