village life in pakistan

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Today i am talking about village life in Pakistan. in Pakistan the village life is so simple.people wake up early in morning  going for prayer after that thy come home eating breakfast with tea.


after that the men goes to there fields . the villagers are very work harder peoples they work in fields for a whole day even thy take there lunch also in fields 


in village the people are live together they are joyful in every moment of life thy live joint family system every one helping each other 


In village the living structure are very different from the city the houses are made by mud one are two large rooms a small room for there pet animals. simple furniture also made by mud 


in some area in Pakistan we see very bad conditions in village no proper system of clean water the available water are no so clean for drink so it cause harmless for human beings the government should take a step for clean water 


another problem in our villages are education system.there is no proper system of education and the villagers are also not curios about that thy are ignorant and want to no need of education 


the people in village are very creative they made most of beautiful things bye mud and sand they sale them in city it also there source of income 

in final words the village life in Pakistan beautiful and also hard n i  also live in a small village 

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