Virtual girlfriend Madness

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We all understand the social pressure of not having a significant other - when asked about our relationship status, may it be by relatives, or during societal events, or simply during casual conversations in restaurants, or pubs, etc ...

And where there is a need, there is a market - the consequence is pretty dystopian in its manifestation

if you would want to have a relationship, but can't ... a new service will offer (there is a price though) a virtual one (understand a fake)

so basically for a fee, you will receive sms, instant messages on your phone and still be alone

it is ... supposedly trendy and smart ... but is it?

the service is there to provide a solution for a societal problem, and the solution is absolutely pathetic

I mean think about - the ridicule and the feeling of shame when one poor soul will be confronted by somebody at work, or by family ; someone who knows the whole charade ... this will be devastating

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