Vision (eyesight)

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Drinking juice of cabbage helps in weak eyesight. 
If you feel darkness around eyen then drink anoola juice mixed with water 2 times a day for 4 days regularly. It is very helpful. 
Onion is very effective in low vision. Putting onion drops in eyes daily increases proficiency of eyes and it also helps against any kind of eyes disease. 
Take fresh milk. Do not warm and stain it.
Add some honey and 20 wet raisin (kishkish) in that milk and drink it for 40 days daily. It helps to strong vision.
Green berry (Bair):
Green berries help to calming the blood and increasing vision. 
Tomato is very helpful for weak eyesight. 
Mix 125 grams of carrot and spinach juice. It helps in weak eyesight. 
Black pepper:
Mix ghee, misri and black pepper together and eat its little quantity daily. It’s best for increasing eyesight.
Mash green leaves of coriander with anoola and eat it daily. It’s also helpful in weak eyesight.
Take equal quantity of ginger juice, lemon juice and onion juice. Mix them all with 9 grams of honey and stain. Put 1 drop of it twice a day. It’s very helpful in motiya (white jelly layer) in eyes. 
Drinking spinach water daily increases eyesight. 
Rose water: 
Putting some drops of rose water daily in eyes keeps them clean and fresh.

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