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Hello friends

Today I am here with my blog which is about my visit to Islamabad which is the capital city of Pakistan. In my today's blog, I will tell you how we made our journey fantastic and amazing. We enjoyed a lot and found very cool.


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Dear friends before writing my journey of Islamabad, first I want to tell you some info about Islamabad here.


Islamabad city of Pakistan:


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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan which was built in 1960's. Islamabad city was built because there was a need for the new city from where the government could be managed easily. Before Islamabad, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad city was built because it was surrounded by beautiful mountains and the atmosphere was also fantastic and amazing. Islamabad city is very beautiful and this city is developed in sectors. The roads are completely new and very cool. You can drive very easily and there are several visiting points which can be seen whenever you go there. Islamabad city has an amazing location and it cannot be forgotten.

Islamabad (/ɪzˈlɑːməˌbɑːd/; Urdu: اسلام آباد‬‎ Islāmābād [ɪsˌlɑːmɑːˈbɑːd̪]) is the capital city of Pakistan located within the federal Islamabad Capital Territory. With a population of 2.01 million, it is the 9th largest city of Pakistan, while the larger Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the third largest in Pakistan with a population exceeding four million.[5][6][7] The city is the political seat of Pakistan and is administered by the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation, supported by the Capital Development Authority.



You can go Islamabad very easily through M2 motorway and you can also use N5 road which is also known as the grand trunk road. This road connects Islamabad with Lahore. motorway also connect Islamabad with major cities.

Islamabad city is very amazing city and you can visit a number of places there.

Our plan for visiting Islamabad:


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We planned our visit for Islamabad in very short time. The reason was that weather was almost joking with us. We were not able to decide the exact plan and so we planned for our visit in hurry. We were going on the bus and we were total 20 people. We planned and made our preparations in very urgent time. We made some delicious dishes and went to our local stand from where we have to travel in the bus.
We were having our elder brothers with us to face any issue in the travel as it was also advised to us by our parents to travel with elders.


Going for Islamabad:

We can go Islamabad through motorway but there is a newly built road which can be used for traveling easier. The new road connects my homeland chakwal with Mandra. Mandra is located on the N5 road and from where you can easily travel to Islamabad. Actually, the N5 road goes to Rawalpindi but you can turn to Islamabad after crossing Rawat.

Entering in Islamabad:

While you are entering in Islamabad, you have to take care of some things eg;

Don't use the mobile phone while driving.

Don't cross the speed limit.

Use your own lane.

Always wear the helmet while driving on the bike.

Obey the traffic rules while driving.

When you will enter the city, you must have to cross the check post where security officers may check your documents and your vehicle.

At Lake view Park Islamabad:


Boating in the Lake View Park

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First of all, we decided to visit the Lake View Park in Islamabad. For this purpose, we used Google maps to travel to the park directly. Google maps are very useful for traveling anywhere. You must have an internet connection with high speed and a Smartphone with good GPS system.


Then you can go anywhere. We reached Lake view park and found that place a really amazing and wonderful visiting point.

This lake is artificial but our Government has worked a lot here and made this place really amazing visiting station. People come here often in the evening with family and enjoy a lot. Lake view park has a wonderful picnic point for foreign people who go to Islamabad.

Boating facility is also available for people. Lake view park has also a small restaurant for buying various cold drinks and fast foods for enjoying with family.


We really enjoyed a lot here.

The next visit was to Lok Virsa Islamabad.

At Lok Virsa Museum Islamabad:



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Lok Virsa in the Islamabad contains historical items and things which tell us the great past of Muslims and our people. We entered in the Lok Virsa and found amazing things. Security guards will say you not to take pictures but who cares. People are holding handy cams and mobiles with them and taking shots with stunning items.

Here you will see that our culture and history was how much amazing.


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Actually, Lok Virsa is made for people so that they can clearly find the amazing historical background of Pakistan and Punjab.

Lok Virsa has many ancient things and luxury paintings which tell us the past. There are various statues which are of our great national heroes like Quid e Azam, Allama Iqbal, Fatima Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan and many others. There are also some statues which are showing us how our villagers are living like.

Overall Lok Virsa is the really amazing place and must be visited at first sight. We really enjoyed this amazing point.

Now we planned to visit Daman e Koh hills.

Daman e Koh:


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The hills and mountains can be seen in Daman e Koh. Actually, Daman e Koh means a place located in the middle of the mountain. This place has a great beautiful scenery. The amazing place which shows the beauty of entire Islamabad and tells us the beauty of nature. Daman e Koh place is really beautiful and must be visited whenever you go there. We took lunch there while sitting the middle of that place. Daman e Koh is wonderful and you can watch the beauty of Islamabad from here. Here are also some shops for buying cold drinks.


After taking lunch we planned to drive back to home because our travel was almost 3 hours from there to the homeland.

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After all, our visit was amazing and we enjoyed our whole day. Islamabad has some other beautiful places which I would like to mention in my next blog.

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Now I will end my blog by saying thanks to all of you who spent precious time on my blog.


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