Vitamin E Against Free Radicals

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There are so many causes that drive the accumulation of free radicals in our body that weaken our immune system. Here are some of the sources of free radicals:

1. Stress, both physical and mental.
2. Tiredness and abusive habits to our body.
3. Lack of sleep and enough rest.
4. Poor diet and malnutrition.
5. Too much intake of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
6. Smoking and drug abuse.
7. Too much exposure to sunlight.
8. Exposure to hazardous pollution.

How could we protect our brains against free radicals which cause poor mental performance, memory gap and worst of all Alzheimer's disease? We have to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants and take Vitamin E supplements regularly to boost the immune system. These will help maintain sharp mind and memory. Be informed for your health and protection.


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