Vladimir Putin or Mitt Romney Better London Olympic Trip?

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While Mitt Romney’s eagerness to show off his “expertise” as Olympic Chief  for Salt Lake City 2002 and perceived insult to London Olympics had him pulling hoof out of mouth for remainder of his foreign tour to Israel and Poland, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to have a better rapport with UK Prime Minister David Cameron showing off his black belt expertise in judo. With the “Pussy Riot” controversy dogging him back in Moscow, London was an escape perhaps but also opportunity to exhibit machismo that might seem more Presidential.


However, it is Ann Romney’s horse, Rafalca (pic below) that may come out looking the best - chance for medal in dressage, no stumbles and no hoof in mouth like dog-loving Mitt! Seriously, we wish the horse and team all the best. Then horse can lecture Mitt on how to win Gold Medal and avoid becoming horse’s ass. See our Blog for Film: “Does Mitt Know Diplomacy, or at least Olympics?” - http://diplomaticallyincorrect.org/blog_post/does-mitt-know-diplomacy-or-at-least-olympics/55140


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