Vocational and Educational Programs in Afghan Schools for Women Empowerment, Afghanistan

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Women’s Annex Project is one of the most successful Projects that empower women in the various fields of Education and Cultural. Afghan Citadel along with Film Annex has created an independent platform; Women’s Annex  has won a lot and done lots of services in raising the awareness and knowledge of Women in central Asia and developing countries.

Today the Cultural and the educational programs which we have launched at schools in Afghanistan, these programs have made broader the vision of the school students they participated and were active in various sectors.

The Experience which we got in past few years in working with female students at schools we are more aware of their interests and the level of visibility, one of the jobs that interest students I found was filming or photography, and students through this could bring their wishes and their heart words on the screen and each of them loved to have the scenario of their life which they have or wanted to have or have seen they put on the screen and show it to everyone.

Currently, there are many students at schools that take part in cultural events including theater and various groups of Anthem; they are active in taking pictures and filming from events. But still many of these students don’t have the all facilities which they are interested in to work and to be able to work with professionals there is lack of professional facilities.

I, along with my friends got an idea to encourage and help students and provide them with some interesting vocational programs. Among all programs we provide, photography is the most interested one between students. We decided to hold a photography competition between schools in which the students take pictures from different subjects; the students represent the real face of society. The photos are being uploaded on the website and the students whose photos occupy more points will be given awards.

 José Parlá, a famous artist from Miami, Florida who is working to renew the face of cities through painting on the walls has inspired us a lot and we have decided to have the same scenario. The best photos taken by students will be painted on city walls. This will encourage students to word harder and at the same time will transfer a good message to the viewers.

 If you are not part of the Film Annex and Women's Annex family, please help me support Women's Annex Foundation and register at Women's Annex today by clicking here.  


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