Vote for your favorite Judo team and Collect your $3 Reward NOW

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Vote for your favorite Judo team

and Collect your $3 Reward NOW!

Every year, the NY Open Judo Team Championship sees some of the best Judo teams compete in an exciting international event held in New York City. This year on Sunday March 20, the teams of France, Germany, Israel, Georgia, and USA will compete.

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Favorite Men's Team: USA

Favorite Women's Team: USA

Favorite Male Player: Travis Stevens

Favorite Female Player: Kayla Harrison


Results of the 2016 NY Open Judo Team Championship:


1. Germany
2. Canada
3. France

Team Germany (Photo credit: Deborah Shapiro)


1. USA
2. Israel
3. France

Team USA (Photo credit: Deborah Shapiro)

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