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Once I read somewhere that life is like a dream, and on waking up we will have only a few hazy memories of it, the only difference between the dream that we see at night and this “life dream” is that on waking up from the life dream, we will have to face the consequences of what we did. Human beings can be amazingly short sighted we see quite clearly that our lives will end sooner or later. We believe that we will be raised again and be held accountable for what we did in this life. Yet we don’t struggle to do what we know we must. We have the universal excuse of being lazy. If laziness is a part of our nature, why aren’t we lazy about making our carriers, about craning monespiy, about raising our children? The answer is simple – because all this is important to us and that is the short sightedness of the human mind.

Why is that which will end soon more important to us than that which will last forever? Could it be because we don’t think about the matter enough? That we are so involved in our material world and our material selves that we don’t have time to think beyond it? I say our material selves because that is what we are taking care of. The spiritual part of our being remains sadly neglected. We are greatly aware of the needs of our body, but the needs of our soul have been pushed to the corners of mind.

We know how important are 8 hours of sleep for us, we know that we need to have a certain number of meals everyday to keep our bodies healthy, we get every kind of vaccination available to protect our bodies from disease. But what do we do for our soul? The mind doesn’t get enough time to connect with the soul because when the mind’s not sleeping, it’s either being stressed or entertained. We are stressed because of school, work, family, politics and number of other concerns, and when we finally stop thinking about our innumerable problems, what do we do? We watch every movie we can get our hands on, watch sports all day long, surf the web for hours, stuff ourselves with food and “have a good time”.

The mind doesn’t in fact have any time to think, which is ironic since that is what it’s supposed to do. When the mind doesn’t think, the body reacts to situations on its own and we are left with nothing but basic animal instincts.

We often wonder why, if we are aware of the basic facts of life, don’t we act accordingly? Because we left our bodies control us, we let our needs drive us, we don’t exert ourselves enough to step out of the routine we don’t stop to think that we don’t stop to think that a few important changes could mean ETERNAL BLISS instead of HELLFIRE.


The soul, sitting in its corner, tries to reach out to the mind, tries to demand its nutrition, growth and development. It is the soul that if allowed to grow, and if allowed to be guided by the right source, can make one human being more special than all the others. It is this soul which distinguishes one person from the other, and it is this soul which was given as a gift to all of us and as a test to see which one of us nurtures it the best, which one of us protects it the best, and which one of us makes it aware of and wholly obedient to the commands of our creator, and when we fail to do all that, we fail in the truest sense of the world.

We fail because we let slip the one chance we are given of proving ourselves we waste the one life that we are given as a test to qualify for entering paradise.

We compete to gain every little thing in this world, but we lose miserably at the end because we fail to realize that this world is temporary. We give everything to this world and therefore have nothing left to take to the next world. We need to have some serious thinking. We need to WAKE UP.

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i am shakir.i have done BS (HONORS) in chemistry from pakistan.i know english,pashto and urdu.I love to write blogs.

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