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Walk in morning is very useful for the health.Fresh air in the morning provides sufficient oxygen to our lungs.I am very punctual about taking walk in the morning.

I get up at 5:00 a.m when the stars are still twinkling in the sky.As a routine I call on my friend.He joins me for the walk.A cool breeze is blowing at that time.Birds are twittering happily in the trees.
We tale our steps to the National park near the Ravi.On the way we pass by a garden.We inhale fresh and the fragrant air.We offer our morning prayers in the dewy grass.Dew drops on the leaves and the petals of the flowers shine like the pearl.
We take a light exercise in the park.Some other people are also seen there.They also enjoys the beauties of the nature.

By the time the sun begins to rise in the eastern harozon.It appears like a golden ball.It is very charming scene.

Now we take our steps back to our home so that we may prepare ourselves for the school.
Walk in the morning refreshes our mind and the body.It prepares us for the day work.
It is tonic for the health of the human body.It makes us active and smart.It keeps us healthy and happy for the whole day.

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