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IQRA University

                          Is ranked again as the No.1 Private Universities among all the Private Universities and institutions in Pakistan.The University organizes some king of physical and mental activites for the students so that they participate in those activities by doing this they not only go well in there personal life but also other hand go well in their studies.

Last Monday ,The Dean of the University decided to set a competition for the boys In which the teams set a message by their paintings which is not on the board called Clipart,rather It was on the walls and the teams should sketche or to draw a painting on the wall by water colours and most Impotantly they should leave a messeage on it.

One Of my Friend took a part in the competiton,He called me Infact He came to my home said You will go with me tomorrow I thought why not to go with him take the camera and have some fun over there,Some monday morning ,we leaved for the competiton at 10 o'clock.I have Taken some of the picture and some videos also attached with to elaborate it more with ease.


This is the Govt.Graduate college Building and the wall was completely of colour but when the work is done on the wall the looking so shinny and the there is the message as well the FAITH Believe in God and the Faith in your destiny.


This picture is presenting a new look of the village people,The girls are playing in the garden in happy mood and the words are written in URDU our national Language. The short meaning of those words are "THE PEACEFUL AND LONGLIVE PAKISTAN"

This picture is giving message to the Youth of Pakistan that " BE UNITED" and By this you can solve the problems of the life.

This picture has a Good message as the Education is for everyone come join hands with hands and lets studay and get off this none sense using Guns This is all in vain while the Education makes you a complete man 

IQRA Is the ARABIC word means read The message is come to read see off the Guns there is no benefit of them but the EDUCATION.

Good friends are hard to find,harder to leave and impossible to forget.Best friends are t he people you don't need to talk every single day.You don't need to talk to each other for weeks but when you do,Its as if you'd never stopped talking.A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.If you never had friends you never lived a life.

The meaning of those wordings are like that       "weir the Friendship Glasses"True friends are the ones who have nice things to say about you behind your back.

Good friends are like stars ,you don't always see them but you know that they are always there.we are the friends for life.when we are together the years falls away.Isn't that what matters?to have someone who can remember with you.

Friends are like the spring season on the Earth Its a gift from God one who has to keep it save for years so to be remembered till the life.

Feel free in your life don't be affraid of just lead a happy moments of life and enjoy the time pass together.

The very beautiful message is this picture is presenting that is "ALL LIVE UNDER THE SHADE OF ONE FLAGE SO THAT EVERYONE PRAISE YOU"This picture is also showing some tages one is about the FAISAL MOSQUE,CAMEL,The  GHORI MISSILE ,The KHYBER PASS,The TOMB This is all showing the unity of a nation One is famous saying  "WHERE THERE IS UNITY THERE IS ALWAYS AVICTORY "

The youth this time is the rising star of Pakistan They are rising day by day.

In this sketching the girl is giving balloons to its shade which means don't be selfish,Don't think about yourself just.Always do well to get well in return." AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP"

This picture showing the passionate SUFISM Culture in our society and our traddition as well.We respect our elders and the people who are very respectable the HERMITS who are Getting people near to the God and there prayers so that we are making our way and they making us united we are not the terrorist and there is no place for terrorists here we can't bear them in our mother land.

The girl is buying balloons showing that the bird is flying freely in the sky and presented that everybody has its right to live free with bindings of the society not only who are in majority but also who are in minority they have the equal right Live the life.

This picture is showing the class art of all.The picture is showing the full face of five provinces of Pakistan SINDH,KHYBER PAKHTOON KHA ,PUNJAB.BLOCHISTAN and GILGIT BALTISTAN.

THE FAISAL MOSQUE,QUAID-e-AZAM MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH's TOMB,the woman in the picture with the piture in her hands showing the culture of PUNJAB of the Village.The man with the turban on his head as his aatire he is belongs to balochistan and the man showing is Pathan with a traditional hat on called Chitralli Cap,from KHYBER PAKHTOONKHA

There is no strength without Unity.The foundation of the freedom is unity.So keep the Unity to lead to success and achieveing the goal go like a team and play like team.

The message of this picture is just Enough don't use the weapons This is not JIHAD or this is all terror so let this all off be a muslim and say no to terror.

UNITY IS THE STRENGHT of any nation so be unite.

In this picture there is rickshaw that is saying that I will be a truck when will be elder that is also a message A big thinking and set a Goal what you have to achieve in the life and go beyonf your  thinking with planning and extra effort of course there are some hardles that come accross but feel free and don't be affraid of them.

                                                       Thanks for reading the blog.I am expecting a lot of from bitlanders team to consider it for higher stars as did to make sure taken a lots of picures and  videos as well !








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