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Today we see in Pakistan the rate of poor people is increasing because of the imbalance system implemented by the previous and present government.

Today we can't sit in front of a Pizza Hut because you will find a lot of people looking towards you because they also like to eat good food. You will fine a lot of children coming near you and asking for money because they want to eat 1 time food which is rarely in their luck.

This is the worst time in life,whenever i face this situation i think i should give them all of the money in my pocket because, its the pain which enforce me to do that , to help them , to serve them but every person is bound to his limits, because you we also has to think about our own time so that we can be some successful citizen. And as much as my mind, i think as a successful citizen i should help them by making an NGO's type so that i can serve the poor nation.

As a Electronic Engineer after getting a big success my 1st of the task will be the serving the poor nation of my country and every needy person.

I want to develop an NGO's type organization so that i can work in a team by making a system which will be just running for the poor people. 

I want to educate the poor who cannot afford the expenses.

I want a corruption free system in our country.


I want to bring the change by changing the minds, by giving them directions, by making them able to serve other by the WILL OF GOD.

I want these poor people to be Doctors, Engineers , Lecturers , Officers etc because they also have equal rights of education and equal right of living.

For this reason i want to make my own NGO.

I hope God will help me in fulfilling my determinations.


If you think good for yourself please also think good for others and help poor and needy around you.


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