War in Afghanistan

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Afghan people have experienced three years of war; the wars that caused Afghan people feel huge setbacks in their lives.

     12 years ago when Taliban fell from the power, International Community poured to Afghanistan. As they came to Afghanistan, they taught Afghans what democracy is. Thus, Afghan people participated in Afghan presidential elections and elected their president.

     When Taliban was on power, there was no freedom of speech in Afghanistan.

People were not able to complain about the misdeeds of the government. Now, they have freedom of speech, and complain about the misdeeds Afghan leaders do. Thus, Afghanistan is developed much more than a decade ago.

     Afghan government and International Community led by the United States of America have paved the ground for Afghan students to receive education. They have built hundreds of modern school buildings for them across the country.

     Besides, school students have lots of facilities at their schools now. For example,  they can use from the Internet provide by some organizations for them. Film Annex is a website which has made schools for girls in Afghanistan, learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, G-mail, and so on.

     Now, people of Afghanistan do not think about war as they have been thinking decades ago. They think about education and how to develop Afghanistan instead.


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