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With all the military expenditure that increases every 5 seconds (in Afghanistan) the US and NATO countries have been blowing the trumpet of ‘dialogue’ with ‘good Taliban’.They may strive to hide their defeat in war on terror in the veil of ‘dialogue’.Even the hawkish defence secretary of the US ,Robert Gates also weighed the strategy of compromise with the Taliban.Having suffered hugely in men and tax payers’dollars ,one of the option US now contemplated was to negotiate with Taliban instead of sending more troops,as demanded by General Stanley McChrystal.

Conceivably,US has lost war in Afghanistan,hence negotiation with Taliban is thought to be opted as a good option to change,at least,the nomenclature of the term “lost war” .It is defeat that accepts dialogue as the new reality while victory is always deaf and ‘speechless’.The US army chief and other important army officials themselves claimed that war on terror cannot be won in another eight to nine years. US involvement in covert and overt operations in Pakistan is the gesture of running to another ‘battlefield’ after the defeat of the previous one.The CIA drone strikes in FATA and north wet areas of Pakistan started in the year 2004.These drone strikes have killed more than 2000 people uptill now.Apart from the damage they cause,these strikes are the severe violation of the international laws of a state’s sovereignty.

Isn’t it is the gesture of ‘defeat’ that the world’s biggest Democracy wants to put all the blame of its defeat on Pakistan (a country against which ,the US has not declared war).The investigative and highly sensitive report of Jeremy Scahill published in the US famous paper “The Nation” (Nov 23.09) reveals that a covert forward operating base run by the USComma Joint Special Operation nd (JSOC) in Pakistan.

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