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Growing up in East New York was interesting. I lived in a building with many war veterans. Majority of them were well into their 70s. I always wanted to ask them what else they did besides being in the military. It seemed as if many of the them were comfortable with the way they were living because they had families that took care of them. Others were lonely gentlemen and kept to themselves. You can't help but wonder what if there were some veteran support organizations that looked after these men.

At a very young age,I honestly didn't pay much attention to them or realize the importance of these men. They fought for the safety and freedom of the United States. Their importance didn't really hit me until my cousin enlisted to the Marines and was deployed to Afghanistan. Of course, like any family member I was worried. Fortunately, he was safe and came home. Veterans receive praise for their valor and their courageous deeds but many of them have dreams and never get a chance to turn that dream into reality because of their amazing sacrifice. 

Recently, Film Annex created (G.I.V.E.) Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship. It's a program which helps introduce veterans to the business world. The main objective is to mentor these veterans by assisting them with the basic and necessary skills to be part of the business class, such as improving their writing skills, comprehending the internet and communication skills. There aren't many small businesses that are veteran owned but the amount of young veterans has grown substantially in the last few years. With the creation of G.I.V.E, Veterans can still have a life outside their military branch and gain more military employment opportunities. 

Programs like  G.I.V.E would have been extremely beneficial for the men that once lived in my building when I was younger. Now there is a different and younger generation and It's time to give back to the men that help us sleep better at night and be able to see our families. 

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