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Do you know when the first email over the internet was delivered? Well, it might be a bit of knowledge for you that it was in 1971 that the first email was sent. If you used internet before coming of Facebook, you might know that there were mainly two things people would do online - checking emails and chatting on MSN or Yahoo! messenger or any other chatting platform. But do you know that 1 out of 4 person in the world uses Facebook and Twitter today. You might not be surpised by hearing this because you might be the one who is using these two platforms as well, but did you know they can affect our mental capability and health? If you were all okay before using Facebook or Twitter and you feel some changes in your mental health, then ponder for a while what did go wrong.

The research have shown that using Facebook and Twitter excessively is bad for mental health because it might affect you badly and can cause depression and anxiety. And wait! If you think you will be a normal person after excessive use of Facebook and Twitter then you are absolutely wrong. Why so? It is because the videos you see, the pictures that are shared affect you somehow. You might have seen a video that has affected you deeply and it has overtaken all your thinking somehow - maybe whatever you saw in the video may not let you sleep in the night or you may become restless the rest of the day and it is natural since you have seen something which is not normal for you and it will leave its effects for a longer time.

Basically, and initially, the idea of social websites was to keep people engaged with their family and friends but it expanded and you must have people in your lists who do not know you at all. Hence, whatever they share might not be for you and it might harass you, it might leave bad impact on you or you simply would become addicted if the person posts the videos regularly and you might always be checking his/her profile for new videos or posts. This is another addiction and it can cause distress and restlessness as well.
Ask yourself or calculate how much time do you spend on Social Media daily. If you use it for more than 3 hours, you are obsessed and addicted to it. If you become restless and want to check your social media page on a regular basis, you must become concerned about yourself. You must think what other positive things you could do if you would not stay on the social media websites. But as far BitLanders is concerned, I think creating new content, making money through it is something you shouldn't be bothered. BitLanders won't even take more of your time - all you need to do is create content, post it, Buzz the posts of your friends and that's it. All it can be done within 2 hours maximum. So, happy BitLanders-ing! 



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