Washing Machine works without electricity

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I found good things to you who believe. " Yirego Of Drumi " Though Flame name portable washing machine , you can wash also 6,7 piece of clothing at a time while small. And what here, outlet also generator also solar panels also without the need! In other words, it works without electricity.




Drain outlet was there for the lower part of the Drumi.   After that the washing is complete under the sun.



And more than anything, your bitter student, what about the savior when I "have no money to go to the launderette I want to wash a shirt to wear to the tomorrow of the interview!". Price is $ 129,  so much cheaper than buying an ordinary washing machine! After that you can use sufficient even youth and physical strength, as well you might want to try to give me a donation to your parents as living alone a strong ally. However, it released in so next year in July


source: Yirego


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