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Kill Me, Heal Me is a South Korean TV series which was broadcasted b MBC from January to March 2015 in 20 episodes. It has a romantic comedy, suspense, medical drama and mystery genre.

The scenario is written by Jin So-wan and it has been directed by Kim Jin-man. The show was on air for 60 minutes every Wednesday and Thursday night at 21:55. The series was produced by Pan Entertainment.

The story is a about a man who is experiencing a traumatic happing in his childhood which is causing him memory lapse. He is trying to overcome this memory lapse which gave him different personalities and take control of his life. A first-year psychiatry resident is treating him secretly who finally falls in love with the man.

The series had average audience share of 10% nationwide and 12.8% in the capital area. The show was nominated for awards in different festivals. In 10th Seoul International Drama Award it won the Excellent Korean Drama Award and Hwang Jung-eum won the Outstanding Korean Actress Award. In 8th Korea Drama Awards festival Auditory Hallucination by Jang Jae-in won the Best Original Soundtrack award. 

Below are the main 2 characters of the drama:

Ji Sung plays as Cha Do-hyun who is a wealthy man and has a warmhearted character in the drama. He found out that he had gas dissociative identity disorder from 11 years ago. He has also 6 more identities in the drama.

Hwang Jung-eum plays as Oh Ri-jin who is a first year psychiatry. She is a short-tempered girl who tries to look elegant. She is the secret psychiatrist of Do Hyun and she falls in love with him in drama.

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