Water Paintings: True pieces of art

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It really is great having friends with great talents. People now, as compared to early centuries were not fortunate to have access to art across the world with a blink of a button (Of course, through internet). Art is something that always comes in handy and a true artist is one that always works involving the most of his heart rather than his brain. As some would define science the work of brain and art the work of heart. Water painting is no different than other paintings, both are true work of arts though often undermined by the other types of paintings, the water painting hasn't been focused by artists and obviously true justice is done when a quality artist work on water paintings, here are some of the followings,


The last but not the least and most importantly my most favorite is of a duck with its ducklings in a pond. They way it has been depicted by the artist gives a true picture of something very 'beautiful' and 'amazing'.

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