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The wave of life can be described as the fact that time never remains the same. As a wave consist of crest and trough, similarly life is the sequence of events in the form of joys and grieves. When a man starts its journey of life, he begins thinking about his future and strives for it. He confronts many happy moments in his life in the form of family, friends and surroundings.


 As he proceeds his life’s journey, his interactions become more and more elevated. When he gets a little success, he desires more. When he gets the ‘more’ he struggles for an upgrade of success. His glory is being exalted and ultimately he gradually reaches the climax. This is the amplitude of crest.


 It is the occasion of the great success. When he reaches at the height, as the time changes accordingly, he may begin to fall. The span of joys and happiness may reaches to its end and he has to face many trials and tribulations. He wants to sustain his glory that has begun to halt. He goes through many grieves and sorrows. He asks the reason for its all.


But it’s natural, that it is the part of life. At last, trough of the wave of life and all the happiness is lost, he is immersed in dark span. He remembers his past and wants his future to be so. He drudges, as he has again started his life. He assembles all the joys again, and again enters the crest. On this way, life completes with the fact that life is like a wave with certain joys and grieves.