Wayne Rooney Praises look Raheem Sterling

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New England captain Wayne Rooney stated, Raheem Sterling worth crowned as the best player when the Three Lions won 1-0 against Norway in a test match at Wembley, Wednesday (4/9) pm dawn.

Rooney scored the only goal in the match with a penalty in the second half. However, Sterling is actually received an award as the best player in the game.

Even so, Rooney admitted that Sterling does deserve the award.

"He is a threat, he grabbed bol, and he looked for the players. He is an interesting player. He can make things happen and happy to be playing with him," said Rooney told ITV Sport.

"I think it could do better. Evening we all can make this as an important victory, the first match after the World Cup, and we are ready to enter [the game] on Monday."

"It always feels nervous when you take a penalty kick, but I am always sure to get a goal. I know there is at the corner where before the game."

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