Ways to improve your writing skills as a blogger on bitlanders

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Here are some way to improve your writing skills as a blogger for bitlanders 

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As a blogger on bitlanders, there is a need to improve your writing skills in other to get more of 5 stars rating for your blogs and increase your chances of earning more.

No matter how good you think you are, Miss Hilary would be the judge of that. She would have to read and award your ratings. Though I wish I had more five stars ratings for my blog posts.

If you are like me, with poor but improving writing skills, Miss Hilary would not want to share your blog post with many people on bitlanders. Am not saying we can’t survive the criticism by the bitalnders administration, but we can get more edge and more gems for better blogging on bitlanders, by doing and following all the instructions by Miss Hilary.


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Therefore how can we sharpen our writing skills, improve our ratings and become relevant to bitlanders and her community?

How can we become a source of inspiration to people that are willing to make few bucks on bitlanders by blogging?

Ways to improve your writing skills as a blogger for bitlanders


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In trying to improve your writing skills as a blogger, there is the need for

Spending time to write every day

To become a great blog writer- you must cultivate the habit of writing articles every day. Indulging in article writing daily will definitely improve your writing skills.

The more you write, the better you get. Focus on writing, at your downtime and your uptime.

Writers uptime (best time for writing)

Bloggers both in the world and on bitanders would agree with me about productivity in writing comes and goes.


For many blog writers, knowing the best times for writing articles is important. For some, it is in the early hours of the day, while for some it is late at night. Therefore knowing your best times during the day, sticking to it will go a long way to bringing out the best in your blogging career for bitlanders users and also in the blogging sphere.

Writers best spot for writing articles

As a writer, knowing your uptime is one thing and knowing your spot for writing is another. I find it comfortable to write articles at home. Because working from home gives me more concentration, less distraction and little friends around (than when I’m in school and coding java). For others, they are more concentrated when they are in a crowdy place full of people like restaurants and parks. Some might prefer a quieter place like the library. Find the perfect spot that gives you all the inspiration and vigour to write.


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Writer downtime (worst time of writing)

For a content creator, reading and writing go hand-in-hand. There are days when writers/content creators get burned out. They feel they can’t write and are not in the mood for doing anything.

Find time amidst these mood swings, and write a skeletal frame of content after getting the content topic. Push yourself to want to write more every day and every night.

Setting a deadline for writing

Writing is a habit that can be cultivated and harnessed for maximum productivity. During your uptime or downtime, don’t just stare at your laptop screen without writing anything and everything that comes to your mind.


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Because you may end up not writing anything. The goal here is to write, write what comes to mind, anything. This can be done better when you give yourself a deadline there are a lot of people who work better under stress. There are people on bitlandes that are habitual writers, and they are ripping the reward that comes with blogging on a daily basis.

To become a habitual writer and stay atop your game, these things should be noted and adhered to.

Avoid distraction while writing or editing.

It is important to write faster and avoid distraction while writing or editing a blog post. To do this, you need to avoid distractions. Like I said earlier it is better to find your spot.

Listening to music while writing

Listening to music while writing is a hobby I found effective (it might not be so in your case). I personally listen to music to keep my mind sharp while writing, because it helps me to avoid any and every form of distraction.

Don’t edit

Don’t edit your articles, write them from your heart, be drunk with the words. Write very fast without stopping to think about what you are writing, just write!
Don’t get me confused, for I am not saying don’t edit at all.

Don’t edit while you are writing, edit after writing a blog post. Writing and editing are two different things and should not be done simultaneously.

Editing and writing at the same time are counterproductive. Edit your blog post over and over again.

Use online tools like Grammarly to edit your blog post. And make your blog post readable by using good headlines and apply the appropriate tags for those headlines

Stop procrastination and write

When writing an article, it must not be perfect at the beginning. All you need is the spine and the courage to write few lines, a sketch, a draft or a blueprint.

Gradually, develop the blueprint into a full-blown content. A content that worthy of reading, a content worthy of praise, instructing and educating.

While procrastination should be avoided, you should use every opportunity you may have to write contents without time or season.

Using the right images and videos

Miss Hilary has always frowned at my grammar. Poorly written, thus degrading my star ratings and gems for each article.

A good article deserves a good image, a good video. It is already an established fact that

a picture is worth a thousand words” Frederick R Barnard

Not only embedding your articles with the deserved image and video, articles on bitlanders should also be accompanied with the appropriate tags.


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Tags are for searching articles that are related, without the appropriate tags, our articles will not receive the appropriate attention and publicity they need.

Cultivate the habit of Reading other blogs

No man is an island; writing is a habit that can be cultivated. Cultivate the habit of reading other blogs in your niche and outside your niche.


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The answers are in front of our eyes…

For exposure

There are many people in your field. Each of these individuals has something to offer. This way, you will be exposed to more information, ideas about things you know and things you don’t.

By reading other blogs, you will come across prolific blogs, such as Copyblogger, Problogger, Kissmetric and many more, certainly, you would learn from them.

To know, understand and create a great content

Exposing yourself to many prolific blogs is the first step towards improving your writing skills as a blogger.  You will get to know, understand and create a great content for your blogs.


Continuous writing of ideas and content skeletal framework whenever, where ever and however the idea pops up in your mind is the beginning of improving your writing skills as a blogger.

On a final note

Bitlanders is a social platform which allows you the potential for more, all that is needed is to become focused and steadfast in achieving your goals.

Ways to improve your writing skills as a blogger for bitlanders is writing with the sole purpose of increasing the star rating of the blog post.

Understanding the need for higher ratings of a blog post can be the beginning of success on bitlanders.

Thank you for your time.

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