We are alive, we are not living!

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Humans are alive to live, but this sentence is not correct for more Afghan’s people. The majority of people in Afghanistan meet different problems of life. They are working to be alive, not to live for life. Hardship, affliction, unemployment, poverty, physical illness, mental illness, discrimination between boy and girl and much more are problems which prevent Afghans to live as simple.

In addition, instability, insecurity and adversity which narrow the life’s wall for Afghans, are other problems stable in our today’s society. In fact, there are several problems relate to the culture. Discrimination and violence against women are categorized here. A woman doesn’t have the right to choose her future husband, choosing is shame for her parent. Whatever the parent decide is the last decide, hence the new couple cannot agree with each other correctly and this brings lots of difficulties for both especially for woman. This is what she is alive, she is not living.

In other hand, three decades of war happened in Afghanistan, removed all infrastructures and just put their ruins for us. The most important factor that makes today’s unemployment is this reason. Unemployment not only poor the people, but it also brings mental illness for us. This is what we are alive, we are not living.

Child is the heart of a country, but unfortunately this heart is not much safe in our country. Afghan children are working instead of playing. They need to feed their family because they are the breadwinner of the families. There is no shine in his future, because he needs to go to streets for work not to go to school for study. He meets different problems. Abuses, risks, illnesses, crimes and others are things he meets on his workplaces. This is what he is alive, he is not living.

If you wish to be alive, so lock your mouth and don’t tell the truth!
The above sentence made by authorities who have gun on their hands. They don’t want you to tell the truth, you cannot struggle against them and you cannot achieve your right. You lose your right; the freedom of speech will be ignored. This is caused that you are alive, you are not living.

If you don’t have relation or money, then don’t apply for the vacancy!
This is my advice for you, because corruption on workplaces doesn’t let you to select on the post. Those who have knowledge but not have money or relation they will not be on desks. So they are alive, they are not living.

We are not losing our moral, we are struggling against these problems and we are praying for Allah to annihilate these difficulties. But, how? ...  You think first!

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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