~!!~ We are Only Humans ~!!~

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We're only human. Someday you will see that Allah Talah took away from you,what you loved the most,what you 'wanted' the most and that will break you and your faith will shake and you will feel lost and abandoned an you will defy Him.
As it goes along,you will realize, that there was what YOU wanted and what HE planned for you.
-When you go through it all,at the end my dear friends,you will realize,
that you wanted 'inferior' things for yourself, He planned much 'greater' things for you which you could never imagined you deserved!
And He broke you to make you stronger. Took 'some' from you to give you BEST not better. And how many favors of your Lord will you deny? :')
Embrace all the difficulties He gives you. He knew you were stronger than the rest!


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