Weathered the storm together

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A Famous company held the employee contest. The final question in the written examination as follows: You are going to drive in a 12 level stormy night .You run through a desert road and you find three peoples standing on the roadside to ask hitchhiking They include a old lady is seriously ill, a good doctor that his skill enough to save your life if you are suffering from serious diseases, and the third is the girl you loved. They expect you to help them, you really want too , but unfortunately your car can only carry one more person. Which person would you choose ? Please explain the reasons for your choice.

Of the more than 200 candidates, only one person has bee selected, even the candidate is not given any explanation for his answer. "Give the car key to the doctor. He will carry the lady to the hospital. I'm going with my girlfriend to walk weathered the storm. "

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