Wedding Proposal on Our Fourth Wedding Anniversary

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I reckoned we have a different type of goals this year compared to the last few years. While I personally would like to spend our wedding anniversary somewhere away from the city and enjoy each other's company, just the two of us, this year has been different.

Last Sunday, the 24th of February, James and I went out to meet a group of friends who had hired us to cover a marriage proposal. I had witnessed a few other engagement proposals before but not yet to cover one for video and photo. It was interesting to try to become invisible amidst a restaurant where there were only a few people around.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

After that event, I actualized that we are working on our goal, to earn more experience in taking photos and being of service to others, to bless them and be able to share our talent as well.

The Proposal Location: Anzani


Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

It was January when my husband's brother asked us to cover this event, his close friend had decided to propose, asked his friends' help and finalized the event. At first, the original plan was the first week of February but was moved to the last week which falls in our anniversary.

Our ocular visit the day before the event was interesting as the friends went their way to find the best place to make this a reality. Finally, it was Anzani.

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This is a very romantic place to be, it is located in Lahug just before reaching Marco Polo and situated in a cliff which faces the sunset and offers a good view of the city lights at night. But on our ocular visit, we only figured where the exact proposal will occur. After that, we immediately went out of the location.

Anzani opens at 5:30 PM and so we arrived at the location prior to their opening hours. We took a few shots of the outside spot, they got really nice trees outside but the inside ambiance was more stunning. They got pretty wooden textured floors, I believe they used vinyl for that.

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The tables were prepared with plates and utensils ready for guests to come by. At their alfresco area, a lot of chairs and couches are available. They got a tree too which gives the restaurant shade. There were also night lights which makes it extra romantic.

Beside Anzani is their sister restaurant, Bellini. This was where the proposal was set to happen.

The Proposal Plan


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Josephine, the person who was in charged of the location and preparation had revealed to us that the plan was that they'll be inviting the bride to be, Nami for dinner. Prior to the dinner, they'll ask the staff to serve three cakes in different timing, the first cake will bear the words, "Thank you", the second cake has "for coming" and the last one had "into my life".

That will confuse the bride to be and while they'll try to ask the staff if that was a mistake, Jao, the groom to be will come inside the restaurant, bend his knee and ask her hand.

The Proposal: Blessing in Disguise Conflict


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Our arrangement was at five in the afternoon, James and I must be at the location already and that was indeed the case. James and I arrived pretty early but a little delay came up when Nami was not interested in the invitation. As per Josephine, they finally were able to convince her but it would take her a few more hours to arrive in the city.

This caused us to enjoy a few hours in Anzani for our anniversary dinner date. So, the delay was not really a problem for us as because of it, we were able to celebrate our wedding anniversary which we forgot until we were reminded at church.

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I really like that the restaurant allows photoshoot for free as long as the guest would be dining in. Anzani is an expensive restaurant with our dinner which was only with a cheese pizza and a raspberry salad and two drinks cost us Php 1450. We laughed realizing it but there was no regret at all because we got to also have our time for this day.

The Actual Proposal

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Finally, after being delayed for more than two hours, we received a notification that the bride to be was already at the location. James had to hide because Nami knows him, I, on the other hand, was just alright at the nearby table because she didn't know me yet.

I stayed at the table adjacent to their spot but I had my camera turned on and was recording already to ensure that I would be able to capture her reaction as soon as Jao arrives at the restaurant.

Nami was still a little sad upon arrival, she was not smiling at all the entire time until her sister came in with a bouquet and she saw Jao at the back smiling. Initially, she thought she was just being surprised but never realized that he's up for a marriage proposal.

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Then he bent his knee, showing her the ring, it was at that time that I saw myself smiling together with the rest of the people around. There were only a few of us in there, some foreigners were in the vicinity too but they didn't care much actually and Jao don't want to also cause any commotion in the area. Nami shed a few tears, she was off without any single idea that this would be the start of their journey to forever.

After she said yes and showed the ring, she brushed her tears away and gave her smile to everyone around them, their friends who had showered them with love and care as they helped Jao prepare everything.


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

I personally felt really honored to cover this marriage proposal. I missed to do a few more shots because of time restriction but it was all fine. I was able to get good shots of the couple after the surprise in Anzani's wine cellar.

In the end, I had fun, I really enjoy shooting couples and capturing their moments which deserve to be preserved. Marriage proposal like this is indeed something to be treasured and kept forever in prints or posted online on social media pages.


Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders


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