Weekend Shoots !

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Hey guys so I haven't blogged frequently over the past few days I've been super busy helping others on their film shoots so here's a little overview on them!


Saturday- This shoot was a tense one due to small space and a friendship between cast and director which led to much frustration to them crew being complained at for little things when a lot of it was the cast not being professional working with their friend but the crew did their best to do the roles they had and hopefully the edit will show our good work !


Sunday- Sunday was fantastic!! shooting a reconstruction of a motorbike crashing into a car it was a real challenge which I am delighted I was a apart of! Unfortunately we only had a 2 person crew due to selfish attitudes but we didn't let it ruin the day. I made new contacts including a special effects artist who made a really awesome fake leg oh and due to no wally dollys being left for the director to book out we made our own with wood, skateboard and a elastic band. I met some really good people and had a brilliant time ( even though the night before i smashed my laptop screen )


Overall it was a mixed weekend (nothing to do with me losing on the grand national) but I had a really amazing time roll on Tuesday !


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