Well, if you feel shortchanged by your bank, consider investing in digital currency !!

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Here's What A Maxed Out 35,000 Euros Per Week Account Look Like!

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Okay, I know this is exciting, but take a breather for a second and meet one of our team members who started building Onecoin in February.

After just 121 Days of rolling up his sleeves and getting to work... he has already maxed out his commission of 35,000 Euros per week.


Here's even better part... he has accumulated 138,056 OneCoins and if he sells his coins today, it would be worth more than his entire bonus earned in commissions! Imagine Onecoin going up to $5 or once its traded worldwide with a value of $250 each like bitcoin... That's called instant millionaire status...

...But Wait! I'm not done yet. Check out how many people he sponsored to max out compensation plan... 13! Don't ever think you have to sponsor hundreds of people to earn life changing incomes... because you don't have to with our unique compensation plan that PAYS Generously!

Here's Screen shot of a Tycoon account without sponsoring a single person


Here is a screenshot of one of team member's Tycoon Account starting off mining with 60,000 tokens and got 5,997.50 One Coins. Because Tycoon Package gives you 2 splits, the 60,000 tokens split into 120,000 more tokens to mine for One Coin. With 12 tokens to 1 One coin mining, that will generate 10,000 more One Coins for him. After the 2nd Token Split, He will get another 240,000 Tokens to mine for One Coin. Currently as I'm writing this, the tokens have a 15 to 1 One coin ratio and will be projected to produce 16,000 One Coins... Giving a total of 31,997 One Coins! Do the math to how much each OneCoin is Valued and You Can See that's A Lot Of Money Earned Without Sponsoring a Single Person!



*the above screenshot was from someone who Joined OneCoin In June 2015. If you joined today, your numbers may not be the same especially with the tokens to coin ratio as the value of One Coin continues to skyrocket! Let the above pictures motivate to join today as the price of one coins will never be lower than it is today!





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