West London - Independent Filmmaker Andy Parker on Women's Annex - Afghanistan, Central and South Asia Film Industry

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Andy Parker, an independent filmmaker based in West London, has a passion for visuals and loves to tell stories through imagery. His work is inspired by strange and surreal atmospheres in which he tries to create a new world for the audience to immerse themselves in. He also does a lot of Time Lapse Photography. For him, they represent everyday scenes in a new and interesting way making them enjoyable and engaging to watch.

Below is an interview of him about Women's Annex, Afghanistan, Central and South Asia.

FA: What are some of the recurring themes you explore in your films?
AP: My films tend to explore more surreal themes with emphasis on atmosphere and telling stories in unique ways. I like to experiment with different filmmaking techniques to communicate my stories across, for example the use of time-lapse photography.

FA: Generally, approximately how many women do you work with on your productions (cast and crew)? Can you tell us about the dynamics of working with women and whether it's different from working with male co-workers?
AP: It varies! Sometimes I will work with mostly women, other times there will be more men. Working with women on set is not too different from working with men. Everyone who has turned up on a film shoot wants to do the best the job they can and make the film the best it can be, so it doesn’t matter to me if you are male or female. Although, I have found that women tend to be a lot more social than men which means they are always great to work with!

FA: How can women be empowered through fine arts, especially a medium like filmmaking?
AP: Fine arts and filmmaking allow you to honestly express yourself and share your beliefs, ideas and creations with a worldwide audience, especially with the use of the internet and social media. This can be incredibly empowering for any artist/filmmaker.

FA: What do you think of Women's Annex and its operation in Afghanistan, Central and South Asia?
AP: I think it’s fantastic! The emancipation and empowerment of women on a global scale is incredibly important both socially and economically. Everyone deserves the right to have financial independence as well as the ability to get their voice heard, regardless of their gender, race or nationality. I believe Women’s Annex is playing a very important role in giving women this great opportunity.

FA: Can your work be used as a source of inspiration for filmmakers in Afghanistan, Central and south Asia? If yes, how so? In other words,  do you consider yourself  a “Thought Leader”? If so, what do you think your influence is on your audience?
I think anyone who is creating a form of art and sharing that art with a large audience can be considered a "Thought Leader”. With the use of the Internet, you are able to share your work with a worldwide audience and by doing so, you have the ability to get your voice heard around the world. I hope that some of my work can be a source of inspiration for filmmakers in Afghanistan in the sense that most of my films have been created on a very low budget with few resources. I hope it shows that absolutely anyone is able to make a film. Also, I hope that my work online shows the opportunity available to connect and share your own films with a global audience.

FA: Where do you see the future of developing countries like Afghanistan? Do you think filmmaking and social media can help improve their economy and education system?
AP: I see the future of developing countries, as well as all other countries, becoming more globalized and connected through the use of the Internet, social media and filmmaking. Now that more and more developing countries like Afghanistan are gaining easier access to the Internet, they are able to learn more, share their work/films and connect with a worldwide audience. This, I believe, will absolutely help improve their economies and education systems.

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