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Jewellery or jewels is a ornament in various sizes worn to make you personnaly look & feel good. Items such as brooches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earings. It is worn by males, females, children & the older generation. It can also vary greatly between cultures. It is largely known that females have more of an interest in adorning themselfes in jewels.

It is either attatched to your body or clothes. The items are made from either metal or plastic & also some items have very special expensive gems ( stones) enbedded in them. The items can vary either being very expensive or very reasonable price.
In some countries jewellery is recommended as a very cultured trend. It can be understood as a status symbol for its materisls & designs.



The genuin stones that are fixed in the jewels are the most real & genuin. The most expensive stones such as diamonds, rubies etc are dug deep inside mountains. Pure gold & pearls are dug down from the sea. After alot of treatment all the stones are cleaned, cut , treated then fixed in the jewels.


Talking about jewels used as a culture trend in some parts, in some situations, jewellery is an absolute must for e.g. in the Asian culture a bride has to have some form of genuin jewel ornament in her marriage. It is known to be a symbol of her married life. Some cultures have what you can call sects/ groups/ gangs where the community wear a particular type of jewel to symbolise the religion/ culture. All the royal families have very expensive jewels that they must wear on certain occasions. These jewels of theirs have been passed on by generations to genrations.......



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