What happens in Venezuela?

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In Venezuela we are going through really difficult moments. It is a situation of life that every day is falling almost without realizing it. We have lived twenty years in socialism, I have seen it close to tragedy. Every day many adults and children die in hospitals, there are no medicines, no food, living a hyperinflation where people do not reach their salaries, people see them eating from the garbage, it is sad, you can not keep your car, there are corruption of the military and police bodies, they have killed many people, they have killed students who fought in the streets, a lot of injustice, people do not know what to do, where to go, millions of people have had to leave Venezuela leaving their homes , their relatives, work and friends, we see them alone scattered around the world.



We Venezuelans have suffered a lot and when you think that it will not affect you, it does happen, believe me that many times you cry and you want to scream. I myself was left without my job of twenty-eight years as a graphic designer in a large transnational company, because the government intervened and this is the case with thousands of companies and people remain unemployed ... Venezuela has great potential, it has oil, minerals , resources, very efficient professionals, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, the most beautiful women ... we were the example in South America, but what happened to us? Why did we fall so much? and one wonders what to do? where to go? should we leave here?


I do not know what the answer will be, I believe that these are moments of testing in the countries, that everything goes through something, that positive changes are surely coming, but we have to fight, fight for our country, which is a gift from God. He personally gave me everything: my life, my family, my work, art, friends, my house ...


We are living moments of change and it is difficult for us to assimilate it. Meanwhile I will continue making art and publishing here in BitLanders, I'm just beginning, but I hope it is a light in my way, a door to great things. But on the other hand I will try to stay here and survive, I will fight for my life, my family and my beautiful country ...

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