What Happens When We Keep Doing Good

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So you've changed from doing bad things to doing more good. What now? Are you aware of what happens when you're always good or always helping others? Let me tell you how it's like.  

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If you've read my hate/hurt blog series you will also know that one way to keep hate and hurt from spreading is to be good or practice goodness/kindness by also helping others. Helping others make you a happier and more fulfilled person. It will make you experience less anxiety and depression and more happiness and fulfillment.

If you're not used to being happy and if you feel you don't deserve happiness, well it's time to change that so hate and pain will be reduced from the world.

Please read my Hate/Hurt series if you haven't yet before you proceed below.


Also you can watch this video and learn more about our habits and what we can do to be nicer and kinder people. We just have to learn what we have to, do research and then put it to action.

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Remember that this is your life and your soul so you have to decide what you will do with it. Will you go to heaven or hell? Will you do more good or not? What happens if we do good and keep doing good? Read on. 



♦ What to Expect When Helping Others ♦


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Sometimes if we try to be the hero and act to save others,  some people might not like it thus your helpful actions may result in fights or disagreements.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to be saved/helped. There are people who prefer to suffer and be sad and hurt all the time.

There will always be people who believe they are not worthy to experience goodness or happiness in this lifetime. There will always be people who are miserable all the time and hate other people too because they don't know any better. Even if you help these types of people, they will get mad or angry at you and think you're stupidHowever good our intentions may be, some people have to learn to be better on their own. We can't be spoon feeders all the time.

If in case it is really beneficial to them and you pursue to do good and persist in doing good for them and it changes their life for the better, then they may or may not be grateful forever. Sometimes other people just need a push. Some people just like being forced into a change or respond more when they are required to do something good for themselves even if they don't see its benefit yet. Life's like that.

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It is important that we really get to know the person/people we want to help first, find out their life situation or culture and thinking before we take the right action and do anything to assist them.

For these kinds of people, it is sometimes better to ask them if they need any help or what we can do to help them because they will never ask for help. If they do ask for help and assistance, only offer what you can. Sometimes they can ask the impossible. If they do, remember we are not magicians so only do what we can.

Aside from that, there will be those who only see personal gains and disregard the negative effects of any of their bad actions. As an example in the previous blog's video, donating powdered milk may be good but if the people receiving them are lactose intolerant then there's no point to it. In this case it is a matter of our ego trying to do good.

People usually think more on Win-Lose situations rather than Win-Win situations because it is easier to win over other people than think of ways where everyone will benefit and be happy. This has been going on for ages and generations but I know it is already changing. If we start to focus on our goodness and set an example in doing productive actions to improve everyday then one day our world will be a happier and nicer place to be indeed.  

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♦ What to Expect When We Do Good ♦

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1. Expect to choose to do good everyday.

It is tough to always be good to others and show good behavior, we are not perfect after all. If you also think it's hard, imagine if you have kids. Being a parent already makes you an immediate role model. Or imagine if you are famous. Think about it: celebrities, media personalities, organizational leaders or politicians and other popular people, who have a lot of influence, live their lives being a role model to everyone because otherwise they'll receive backlash and people will bash them. Some famous people don't care but there are those who do. Being in the public eye has it's pros and cons. 

Remember this though: Anything we do is up to each one of us and not anyone else. We choose which actions to do everyday. Barring luck, we choose to be poor or rich, happy or sad and sometimes we even influence others to be the same as us so we have to be careful of what we do. There is always a choice, we can choose to keep doing good than bad everyday. We can choose to positively empower ourselves and others in our own small way and improve more people's lives in the process.



I know it is never easy to NOT take revenge on someone when they hurt us or the ones we love. It is hard to understand why other people hurt or persecute us and/or our family members too (whether deliberately or not). The best thing to do is learn about the various reasons why people hate and hurt other people (which you can read more on my previous blog post). Armed with that knowledge we will begin to know and realize how we can stop and change hate into love. 

Related: 5 Things We Can Do to End the Cycle of Hating and/or Hurting Other People

It is not easy to be human but we must try our best to be good and responsible people everyday and still provide help to those who hurt us and others who got hurt as well. We can help anyone we can as long as we decide to do so responsibly.

It is our choice if we want to continue making other people's lives miserable and for our souls to rot in hell for doing bad things to others. If we do not change, repent or apologize for our wrongs then good luck to us. Doing nothing to help others and just watching, like who's being hit/mugged in a corner for example, is almost the same as doing bad. (If that does happen, at least call the cops or take a picture discreetly then report and post it online or something.) Movies like Along with the Gods and Kick Ass will show you what I mean if you are not aware of it.

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Or we can choose to keep doing good deeds and go to heaven if we are brave and mentally/emotionally strong enough to follow Jesus' teachings, other enlightened or holy/wise men of the past and even our heroes. If we can do what these admirably good people did back then, perhaps we will all experience Nirvana in the end. 

Depending on our beliefs, let us live our lives where in the end we can proudly say we did our very best and God or the cosmos will do the rest. 



2. Expect to get tired but keep on being good.

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Changing ourselves into better people may require extended time and effort all the time and that's why we can get tired of being good too. Keeping ourselves good to others can take much more energy especially if we are not used to it. Nobody becomes an expert overnight. No one can change a bad habit in an instant. Like most human relationships or bad habits, it takes time and constant work to improve and change ourselves. It may even take longer than 21 days to completely turn a bad habit into good, especially if it is an ingrained behavior.

If we look at it this way, we may be no different to addicts trying to get rid of their addiction/s. Who knows, we might even be hate addicts! 

Keeping ourselves nice to others, especially those who aren't nice to us, and being role models is never easy. It is difficult and challenging to do without the proper tools and methods or the right people. I actually wrote some tips to improve our mental health, it can also help us become better people. Most if not all of what's listed in it are used successfully by other people to turn negative behavior into positive ones.  

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3. Expect to be alone most of the time unless you find people who are moved by your good actions or you belong in a group of people who share your belief in doing good.

When we hear the news of good people being persecuted by the evil people in this world, many of us become scared to do good or fight back because we all want to stay alive as long as possible. We all want peace and quiet so most people choose not to get involved when someone is hurting someone, like robbing or bullying. The victims then get insulted, ridiculed, shamed or worse, tortured or slain by the bad people.

All I can say is, we should be responsible for our actions and inactions and there is strength in numbers. All it takes is just one brave person initiating some good action and he/she can make other people move and take action to help others too. For example, thieves can be apprehended or caught by strangers and then a crowd, even before the police comes around. Of course it depends if the robbers are armed or not but you should get the picture.

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It becomes unfortunate though if that one brave person is not seconded and assisted by other people. If we decide to help those we can and if we die or get hurt for a good and noble cause, then the rewards we reap need not be on earth.


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So, what do you think? Is it hard to be good or do you like it when it's hard to be good to others? Share your thoughts in the comments. :)


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Because over the past several years I’ve read all the self-help books I could and more, I’m sharing this with everyone. It’d probably make me richer if I wrote a book or do what other life coaches or motivational speakers are doing but I haven’t decided on that yet. Am happy to write and share it this way for whoever is looking to help themselves and others. I've written several self help articles to increase awareness to these topics as much as the famous and inspirational people helped me.

If what I write doesn’t resonate or work for you, you’re free to find something else that will. No one knows you more than yourself.

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