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Examinations are the most important part of our education system. By taking exams we can find out the hidden abilities of our students. Examination is the only way to judge the ability of a student. A book or a course is given to a student for a particular period of time and that after that period student asked to give an exam out of that course. Just to know that how much he have learned that course. And is he able to learn the advance course of the same subject? If so then the student is promoted to next class but if it is not so then student will have to sit in the same class and have to learn the same course. In order to compete in this modern era it is the best way to know the hidden abilities of a student. Students are often afraid of examinations. Every exam is a hurdle for a student who are not taking seriously the course books. Those students who are seriously thinking about their future and had a deep concern about their exams and course will never be afraid. But those who are afraid, They are afraid for different reasons.

As I am a lecturer and take exams in a regular pattern so I know well about different things regarding exams. I just want to share some of my experiences regarding exams. So that they may be helpful for my students or the students for this modern Era. Here i m discussing some of the reasons for the afraid students. And give a proper solutions to those students.

1. Difficult:

First of all, i think that the students thinks that examinations are very difficult. They fear that they may not be able to answer most of the questions in their examinations and might fail. But it often happens, that a student in the examination hall finds his papers to be quite easy. Examination are quite easy for a student who studies his books at least for some time everyday. In my opinion if a student is taking his classes regularly, and listening to his teacher attentively and very important thing to repeat his lessons at the evening time will never be afraid of examination. It is just a part of responsibility. If student know that it is his/her responsibility to learn things, and if he deny then he can never get success in life then he/she will pay attention towards his/her books. Attention in Class and repeatation in evening is a key to get success in the exams.

2. Means to test the ability:

As discussed earlier that Examinations are a good means to test the ability of the student. It is through the answers which he gives in his examinations that we may learn about his real ability. The preparations for an examination makes him able. In order to compete in this modern era, it is very much important to have a good command on a particular subject. If it is not so, then a student can never get a good post in his life. Because as we all know that it is an age of competition. If you are competent enough then you can be a successful man/woman of this modern era. But if it is not so, then you are nothing. 

3. Two systems of Examinations:

There are two systems of examinations. In one system we have the annual examinations. Students take this examinations after reading the courses for one full year. Students find this to be quite difficult. But it helps them in having a full understanding of their books or courses.

The other examinations system are the semester system is that of sessional test. There are test in classes after every month, or every second or third month. The marks that a student gets in these tests are added up. There is then no need for the annual examinations so much. This system is easy for students. But often they cannot have a good understanding of their whole course.

In my opinion the these two systems are helpful for the growth of a student. Because both these have their advantages and disadvantages. But our responsibility is very simple to utilize these both system in a proper way. In our country and most developing countries the real problem is the utilization, every thing has its merits and demerits. And by removing unwanted things from a system we can make sure that the system will work properly. But we are here only to saw the bad things and not to solve them. So in my opinion we have to utilize our resources in order to uplift our education system.

4. Use of unfair means in examinations:

The use of unfair means in examinations is quite common these days. Most students do not study their courses regularly all through the year. When the examinations get near some of them find that they can pass it by copying in the examination hall. Some members of the staff working in examination hall also accept bribes and provide facilities of copying. All this should be stopped. And I think this thing is a poison for our students, The students suffer most who are preparing whole 12 months of an year. But the grades of those students which are dependent upon unfair means are high in exams. Then it is a very disheartening situation for a good student. Because every person want a full advantage of his or her work. But here it is another failure of system.

Examinations become easy if students work and study regularly. And as I have discussed earlier that it is a key to success. Please follow these instructions then you will be happy for giving any exam. Remember me in your prayers. 

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